Atheists In Kenya Society

The Major African Paradox

The major paradox in the African society is that it seems the more the proliferation of Churches, Mosques and worship centres, the worse we become morally. Social vices like corruption, violence, criminality, poor work ethic, low productivity, poor governance, poverty, killing, kidnapping and dishonesty are on the increase just as the worship centres are increasing.

In fact, the people are now killing and stealing in the name of religion so much so that many are beginning to question the impact of religion on the moral tone of the people. In comparison, atheistic nations like Japan, China and Australia are doing better morally and making giant strides in development than Africa where most of the people are religious.

The reason (though not an excuse) is that prolonged poor governance in Africa has created so much poverty in the land that the religion most people understand now is the religion of “stomach infrastructure” whereby many worship any god that will guarantee regular meals. The religious leaders are only interested in “tithes and offerings” and not the salvation of souls. To the religious leaders, religion is now a lucrative business. Poverty and high unemployment rate made a lot of people desperate to the point of turning religion into a business venture.

And since some of the people are so gullible and insecure, they are searching for God in all the wrong places and holding on to anything and anyone that pretends to proffer solution.

So, the people in their search for food and God are tricked into giving out the little resources they have in the hope of getting more, thereby enriching the religious leaders at the expense of the poor majority.

The religious leaders are using religion for personal aggrandizement in a situation that could be likened to modern-day religious slavery. Poverty has been weaponized by both the religious leaders and the circular leaders and the poor masses continue to get poorer while the leaders get richer.

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