Atheists In Kenya Society

Who is a Free-thinker?

When the word freethinker gets thrown around, the first people that come to mind are atheists and agnostics. We associate them with enemies of religion. But they are also enemies of authority and strangers to society. That sounds like an endless list of highly intelligent people.

Freethinkers are creative thinkers. They look at things from every perspective, they challenge their own conclusions, and layer by layer they formulate their own opinions. They have an active, healthy mind, as opposed to most people with lazy minds who accept what they are told without question and end up having their opinions dictated to them, never giving them any consideration.

What do you spend your time thinking about? Do you learn something new every day? Or, are your thoughts consumed by your routine?

Are you curious?

How curious were you as a child? What happened?

One of the biggest blunders adults face is that they stop learning. Sure you might be doing all those trainings your company signed you up for, but how much do you enjoy them? How much do you learn from them? Is this the information you are passionate about?

We are all born curious but that curiosity needs to be fed to stay strong. The two most important questions to keep you curious are How? and Why?

The “Why” explains the reasons for existing and the “How” explains the functionality.

Asking these 2 questions repeatedly throws you in a limitless rabbit hole of ideas, each step brings more knowledge, and the deeper you go, the better understanding you will have.

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