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You don’t need a God to be moral

You don’t need a God to be moral.

Morality existed long before religions. Morality is a human development for survival of the species. Even animals have a degree of morality for themselves. Unless there’s an ecological or environmental reason to do so, most animals won’t kill each other of their species either.

Religions have simply incorporated human morality into their religions to make the religion more palatable. You don’t need a God to tell you that murdering other people is detrimental and wrong. People have refrained from murdering each other for thousands of years before your God ever became a thing. How do you think early humans survived for thousands of years before ever being introduced to the Judaistic religions?

People forget that humanity has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. The Bible/Quran have only existed for a couple thousand.

Only your religion tells you that you need God for morality. Put some thought into it and you’ll see that you don’t need gods. Human morality existed – or humanity would fail to exist.

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