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The Atheists In Kenya Society was founded by Harrison Mumia in 2016. Mumia is also it’s current President.


Humble beginnings

A small number of atheists held informal meetings in Nairobi  to discuss issues around atheism, science, free-thought and humanism. These included Harrison Mumia, Gitahi Kiama, June Juma, Zack Wanambwa,Liz Wangari and Kennedy Karuga



In February 17, 2016 the government of Kenya registers the Atheists in Kenya Society, giving it formal recognition. The certificate of registration is issued on on April 7, 2016 nearly a year after the society first applied for it.



After months of work by an atheists’ group that resulted in formal recognition by the Kenyan government, that recognition is suspended. Religious leaders and others say the recognition went against Kenya’s constitution and social norms.


Court Battle

Harrison Mumia and the Atheists In Kenya Society move to the High Court, Judicial review division under Petition Number 308 of 2016. In his suit against the Attorney General and the Registrar of Societies, he prays that the Court issue a declaration that atheism is a Constitutionally Protected Freedom and Fundamental Right under Article 32 of the Constitution.


Court Ruling

A declaration is issued by the High Court that the government violated the Atheists In Kenya Society constitutional and statutory rights as set out under Articles 47 of the Constitution, the Fair Administrative Act and Section 12 of the Societies Act.

An order is issued quashing the letter by the registrar of Societies suspending registration of the ATHEISTS SOCIETY IN KENYA the 1st petitioner herein.

Petition 308 of 2016

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