Atheists In Kenya Society

National Prayer Breakfast

Parliament’s invitation to Harrison Mumia to participate in the National Prayer Breakfast marks a noteworthy achievement in Kenya’s continuous pursuit of enhanced religious freedom and interfaith collaboration.

This action demonstrates the country’s dedication to nurturing an inclusive environment, where individuals of various faiths, including those with non-theistic convictions, can engage in dialogue and cooperation.

The Atheists in Kenya Society requested an invitation to the upcoming 2024 Annual National Prayer Breakfast. Tuko News
We wish to emphasize that Harrison Mumia remains an atheist and maintains his disbelief in the existence of a divine being. Attending the National Prayer Breakfast should not be interpreted as a shift in his worldview. By persisting in promoting these inclusive principles, Kenya is on track to showcase how a nation can embrace its diversity while reinforcing national unity. We anticipate collaborating with Christians, Hindus, and Muslims to encourage inter-faith dialogue in Kenya.
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