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We appeal to Kenyans to stay away from Benny Hinn’s crusade

American-Canadian televangelist Benny Hinn is set to hold a crusade in Kenya, over two decades after his last visit. The crusade starts on Saturday, February 24th and ends on Sunday, February 25th at the Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi. The Atheists In Kenya Society appeals to Kenyans to stay away from Benny Hinn’s crusade. It is important for Kenyans to know that Hinn has manipulated countless people to give money to his cause, believing that giving money will be key to activating their miracle. Not a single one of Hinn’s miracles has ever been verified. It is in the public domain that his ministry has been investigated by law enforcement agencies in the US. Pastor Hinn shamelessly takes money from the poorest of the poor while providing nothing more than religious entertainment. It’s a shame that the Kenyan government has allowed Benny Hinn to fleece poor Kenyans of their hard earned money through stage managed healing antics. Benny Hinn is a dangerous deceiver, a fraud and charlatan who enriches himself at the expense of countless others.
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