Atheists In Kenya Society

Appointment of New Secretary, Michelle Nekesa

The Atheists In Kenya Society is thrilled to announce the appointment of its new
Secretary, Ms. Michelle Nekesa, effective today.

Ms. Michelle Nekesa is an accomplished and visionary leader, and brings a wealth of ideas to our society.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology, majoring in market research and IT. She is a religious skeptic and is passionate about philosophy and objective truths. Her vision for the Atheists In Kenya Society centers around promoting skeptical inquiry and free thought.

With this clear direction, the Atheists In Kenya Society is poised to tackle the challenges around blind faith in Kenya.

The society aims to create a platform where individuals can come together to share ideas, engage in critical thinking, and have meaningful conversations about religion and faith.

The appointment of Ms. Nekesa as the Secretary of the society is a step forward in achieving this goal.

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