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President William Ruto Should Stop Weaponizing God

Today, President William Ruto has asserted that his administration’s affordable housing programs will continue as planned despite the Court of Appeal’s Friday decision not to suspend a High Court order declaring the housing levy unconstitutional.

Speaking in Kiutine, Meru County, Ruto emphasized that despite the ruling, he has received enough public support to proceed with the housing programs he says will create thousands of jobs for Kenyan youth.

He likened the purported public support to receiving a directive from God. The President is quoted as saying “the people’s authority is authority from God.”

Let’s be clear. President William Ruto has no authority from any God. He is weaponizing God for his own political ends. We want to remind him that executive authority of the President of Kenya derives from the people of Kenya and must be exercised in accordance with the Kenyan Constitution, not God.

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