Atheists In Kenya Society

Introducing Our New Vice President

The Atheists In Kenya Society is delighted to announce that Ms. Hellen Kathure has been appointed as Acting Vice President of the Atheists In Kenya Society. A Special General Meeting will be convened in February 2024 to ratify this appointment.

Hellen Kathure is the author of the book: Illuminate The Mind, a book that aims to awaken people’s spiritual side. She graduated with a 1st Class Honors in International Relations from Maseno University. She is passionate about telling the African story.

Hellen, who is an ex-Christian, posits that Christianity did not exist in Africa before the arrival of white men. Christianity, according to her, was introduced to the continent by Christian Missionaries. Before then, Africans existed for MILLIONS of years achieving extraordinary things and maintaining solid family structures. Hellen strongly believes that Christianity is a tool that came with the white man to dismantle our systems and the African approach to life.

Hellen will deputize the President, Harrison Mumia, and ensure the smooth running of the society. We are very excited about her appointment. She is an inspiration and role model for non-religious women in Kenya.

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