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Low Income Earners Should Get Smaller Families

Life in Kenya is becoming increasingly expensive. The cost of living has been rising steadily over the past few years, and it continues to strain people’s finances, with many Kenyans struggling to afford even the most basic household items. According to the Kenya Economic Report 2023, 77% of workers earn less than the minimum wage, which covers approximately half of living costs.

Under these hard economic times, we encourage Kenyans, especially low income earners to have smaller families of at most two children. Smaller families are more financially stable due to fewer expenses and shared resources. Our message to Kenyans, especially women is that children should never be a priority if you cannot afford to raise them.

We also encourage Kenyans who can afford to adopt children. Adoption of children should be an alternative to getting one’s own child. We applaud all those women who have chosen to be child free.

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