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Kenyan Government Should Condemn Acts of Genocide by Israel

As an organization that stands for the building of a humane, just, compassionate, and democratic society using pragmatic ethics, we call upon the Kenyan Government to issue a statement condemning the ongoing horrific acts of genocide by the Israeli Government upon the Palestinian people in Gaza.

African governments should not sit back while Israel carries out a genocide fully enabled by the United States.

The international community should do everything in its power to bring about a ceasefire, facilitate the provision of humanitarian aid to all in need, and re-instigate political processes in pursuit of a just resolution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

We stand with the protesters across Palestine, and around the world, in support of Palestinian freedom struggles..

Imagine urself waking up and finding urself inside that roar of rockets, bombardment and death symphony played by the howling of weepings.

Bella Angelo

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