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We laud Chief Justice Martha Koome for Prostitution Bill

The Atheists In Kenya Society lauds Chief Justice Martha Koome for submitting a draft Bill to the National Assembly seeking to change the mode of punishment for prostitutes. Prostitution, according to this draft Bill, will still be an offense, however not punishable through imprisonment but through the use of alternative modes of handling petty offenses.

This is progress.

Our position is that prostitution should be decriminalized and in fact, legalized.

Sex workers deserve the same legal protections as anybody else. They should be able to maintain their livelihood without fear of violence or arrest, access health care and other services without discrimination, and seek justice when they are harmed.
Decriminalization would help bring sex workers out of the dangerous margins and into the light where people are protected — not targeted — by the law.

An educated woman is seen as a human being with a vagina. An uneducated woman is seen as a vagina with a human being.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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